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SUPER ENTHUSED BLOG: Touring the United States: 2005-2006

Touring the United States: 2005-2006 Part I

Starting in April 2005, I embarked on a two year journey across, around and through the United States of America, by car, playing in an indie rock band. I started singing in bands in 2002, and picked up the bass in 2004 simply out of necessity, the band couldn't find a reliable bass player for the grueling tour scheduling. The songs were easy enough, and soon I added some minor keyboard parts to my role as co-lead singer and bassist. Touring the United States by car is an amazing experience that has informed who I am as a person, how I see this great nation and my fellow Americans, and how I feel about travel. It's easy to feel that Americans are awful when half of the country doesn't agree with you (no matter which side you're on), it's much more difficult to think someone is awful when they grant you their kind hospitality, when they help you with a busted tire on the side of the road... when you are face to face with the people of America, smiling, laughing, helping each other, bonding over music, hobbies, food, culture, the people of America seem pretty wonderful. I met so many amazing, generous, funny, smart and talented people all across this great nation of ours, and at a time when this nation seems incredibly divided, I like to remember all of those awesome people... and remember that no matter how much we may disagree on, we all want what is best for ourselves, our families, our nation and (hopefully) the world. If we can come together, talk and share, without insult or anger, that is the road to healing. 

In a series of posts, I will discuss what I remember of the road, of playing shows all across this great nation, in living rooms, garages, clubs, pubs, at festivals and pop up shows, and so much more. 

The band formed in 2004 with a series of local south Florida shows, but the story of the road begins in 2005. Our first out of town show was in February of 2005 at a venue called "Tight Pockets" - it was a typical dive bar type of venue, and a lot of fun. After having already performed dozens of shows, I was neither nervous nor surprised by most of what I experienced on the road. I felt prepared, knew the songs well, and was ready for adventure in those first legs of touring. 

On the way up to Georgia, we played a show in Lake Worth with a band that later reformed into a very well known band that I cannot remember the name of right now but will look into it and add that bit of info here later (saw them perform at Grand Central Miami a few years ago...):

Back then, I didn't have a smart phone, or a particularly good camera, so my tour photos are sparse, though I do have plenty to share in upcoming posts! For now, here is a photo of a painted bulldog from Athens, GA 2005:

Spring 2005 Tour - It's the Only Road I know

04/29 Marietta, GA @ Swayzes venue (2543 Bells Ferry Rd. Suite 650) w/ Burke, Roosevelt's Plan

04/30 Chalmette, LA @ Mike & Brett's Mom's House (66 Old Hickory) w/ Cinema City, Sally Stitches

05/02 Houston, TX @ Super Happy Fun Land (2610 Ashland Street @ W27th Street in the Heights) w/ Over Sea, Under Stone

05/03 Ft. Worth, TX @ 1919 Hemphill (1919 hemphill) w/ Dinosaur! Dinosaur!, Cri Nobody

05/04 Tulsa, Oklahoma @ Kafe Bona (81st and Memorial) w/ The Darlings (clubdarling.com)
05/05 Wichita, KS @ the Riot Room (on the corner of West. 13th/Perry 1403 N. Perry) w/ The Mathematicians (NY)
05/07 Athens, GA @ Tasty World (312 East Broad St) w/ Boulevard, An Epic At Best

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  1. I remember Super Happy Fun Land! Some of those clubs had amazing names. :)


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