Monday, May 21, 2018

A few updates! Super Enthused tshirts, hoodies & sweet merch-a-roonie!

Hello friends!

I've got 3 updates for you today!

Image of me being pixie dusted at castle couture at walt disney world!

Update #1: 

I have tshirts and other goodies now available on spreadshirt! If you'd like to sport some Super Enthused attire, please visit the shop at:

Update #2:

Because a few people have asked, I have also created a Patreon for Super Enthused. For those who have the means and the desire to help out and join the Super Enthused team of making the adventures happen! All proceeds will go back into improving the quality and frequency of videos, blog posts & more! I have invested into this creative project of my own accord, and I am happy to do so; any support from you guys helps me to achieve things that I may not have been able to achieve on my own/via my own funding. I have a great career and do this for fun, so please don't feel obligated, and please also know that I will use donations responsibly towards improving the quality of content of my YouTube channel, website and blog posts! My goal here isn't just to show you the adventures I go on, but to bring you along and share tips, inspiration, ideas, and entertainment! Thank you guys so much for your support and encouragement, the adventure is just beginning!!

Update #3:

The Super Enthused YouTube channel has almost 600 subscribers as of 5/21/18!! That is sooo cool!!! You guys are the best and I am mucho grateful!! Please, if you haven't already, join me on aaaaaaaaaaaaall the platforms:

Thank you all!!!

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