Monday, June 25, 2018

Redland Summer Fruit Festival & South Florida Pioneer History at Fruit & Spice Park

Each summer, Fruit and Spice Park in Redland, FL, hosts the annual Redland Summer Fruit Festival, featuring some of the most delicious and scrumptious fruits south Florida has to offer! Fruit and Spice park is also the home of some of south Florida's early pioneer history, with a recreation of a historic pioneer home and an early 1900s school house. Let's eat some fruit, soak in some history and stroll around the beautiful grounds!

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Secret Passageway in Miami's Best Burger Joint!

It's a Thursday five minute-ish off the beaten path food review!! Today I feature a secret passageway into the past hidden inside my favorite burger place in Miami! Hi! My name is Jackie and I am Super Enthused! Join me on weekly adventures to off-the-beaten path events & locations, theme parks, historic sites, road trips, festivals, comic shops, & more! I'm a native Floridian & share lots of Florida adventures, as well as travel to places beyond the sunshine state!! My goal is to share adventures that entertain and inform! I provide tips, reviews, recommendations, background and insider information, and travel inspiration! Please SUBSCRIBE and click the notification icon to share in the fun! Thank you all for watching & for joining the adventures! Web: Twitter: @superenthused Instagram: @superenthused

Monday, June 18, 2018

Parrot Jungle Historic Site (1936) Pinecrest Gardens | Miami History Vlog

Pinecrest Gardens in Miami, FL is a beautiful botanic garden with various ecological areas including a rainforest area! The site of Pinecrest Gardens was home to Parrot Jungle from 1936-2002, when it was moved to a new location, where its name was later changed to Jungle Island and it now sits defunct since Hurricane Irma with no known re-opening timeline. Pinecrest Gardens embraces its historic heritage, with remnants of Parrot Jungle meticulously cared for and available for our enjoyment! Let's explore the grounds on a walking tour, and look for the remnants of historic Parrot Jungle!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Eating Gator at Everglades Gator Grill, Homestead, FL | Five Minute Restaurant Reviews

This is the start of a series I will be peppering in of five minute restaurant reviews, with a twist!! The goal here is to feature off the beaten path restaurants and foods that visitors, tourists, and even locals may not otherwise be exposed to! This is all about having fun, trying new things, and highlighting unpretentious, local establishments and as much non traditional food as possible!! My first video in this installment features a local favorite, Everglades Gator Grill, just a few miles outside of Everglades National Park in south Florida. Everglades Gator Grill serves local dishes in a small, mural covered building on a quiet stretch of road, with fresh ingredients and hometown hospitality!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Robert is Here! 1959 Fruit Stand, Redland Florida

Robert is Here Fruit Stand is a local legend in South Florida! Since 1959, Robert Moehling has been selling fruit from this well known location in Redland, Florida. Situated in an agricultural area on the crossroads to the Florida Everglades and the Florida Keys, Robert is Here is a destination unto itself. Famous for its fresh, local, tropical fruit, outstanding milk shakes, and warm hospitality, there is more to this fruit stand than just fruit! Join me as I check out old airplanes, tractors, roosters, local delicacies, and more, in this off the beaten path Florida adventure!

Friday, June 8, 2018

10th Largest Mall in America! Mega Outlet Mall Sawgrass Mills, Sunrise, FL

Sawgrass Mills is the largest single story outlet mall & the tenth largest mall in the United States. Join me for a stroll around this mega outlet mall as I search for the Disney Premiere Character Outlet and lose track of all time and space!

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pinball, Gators & Pretzels! Orlando Weekend Vlog

This week's adventure involves some central Florida fun outside the Disney bubble! Come along with me and some friends as we have a delicious lunch at Hollerbach's WIllow Tree Cafe, play some pinball at Pinball Lounge, and check out some gators at The Black Hammock. Joined by Splorin Ryan, Shawn & Sheeka of Negrorlando, and my dear friend Carrie, I branched out and found some unique and fun adventures in central Florida!

Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World PASSHOLDER PREVIEW! Oga’s Cantina, Smuggler’s Run, Blue Milk!

Join me and some friends as we visit Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios for a Passholder Preview first look before the ...