Thursday, October 25, 2018

Miami's BEST Arcade - Arcade Odyssey! + BONUS Behind the Scene's: Oldest Arcade Machine!

Join me as I visit Arcade Odyssey, Miami's BEST arcade, for their Halloween costume party! I had such a great time seeing friends, making new friends, checking out their impressive collection of pinball machines, of course PLAYING GAMES!!! And, as a total surprise, after chatting with the staff, I was fortunate enough to get a private tour of some extremely rare and vintage pieces that may one day be part of a video game museum, including the world's oldest mass produced arcade machine!!! Meeting Rick and his team, I quickly realized that Arcade Odyssey is more than just a really cool arcade with a great selection of games, it's a passion project! There is a team of people who are passionate about the history of arcade and video game machines (and many other fascinating topics) and passionate about making this a community center where everyone is welcome and the games are affordable and accessible to all! I fell in love with Arcade Odyssey, and most importantly, with the people behind it, and I hope you do too!! Also featured is my friend Indie Annie Jones, you should check out her very creative and cool channel where she does crafts, costumes and more!

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