Super Enthused is all about fun, play and adventure! Based in South Florida, I visit theme parks, national & state parks, special events, unique conventions, festivals and fun locations to share my stories, reviews and photos here and on my Super Enthused YouTube channel. I'm interested in detail-rich, immersive environments and experiences. I'm also passionate about sharing hidden gems and off-the-beaten path destinations and events! Equally enthused about nature, parks, star gazing and space as I am about theme parks, roadside attractions and historic locations, I love all things fascinating! I believe that fun, play and immersion enrich our lives and promote well being. Please feel free to email me with ideas, questions, comments; I love to hear from you! Contact: superenthused @ gmail . com


A little more about me...

I've traveled around the United States several times over as a performing musician, and though my days as a traveling professional musician are behind me, I continue to sing for fun and enjoy the musical efforts of others. My experiences as a traveling musician helped to shaped my view of the world, and reaffirmed my love of travel and adventure.

I've been "internetting" since the days of AOL dial-up - my father was a computer programmer for many years and I remember MS-DOS and text-only adventure games. I still love games, and a few years ago got into a few rousing adventures of D&D after not having played since high school. I may sometimes talk about board games and the like, and I would be happy to review any games you'd like to send my way!


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